Friday, December 11, 2009 Y 11:53 AM

First of all, I must begin choosing more sensible footwear. I am officially stranded in front of the computer today with the largest boo-boos on my ankles that I've possibly ever had. I can barely hop into the kitchen / bathroom. If shoes are too small, they are TOO SMALL. I need to learn to accept this. Haha.

Okay, last of all, before the REAL blogging can begin: What would I really love from anyone who reads this thing?

I want involvement. I want interaction. I want disagreement. I want advice. I want FEEDBACK. I want questions. More than anything, I want questions. Please, please, please, pour your heart out in questions for me to answer, requests of what you'd like to see me blog about.

Have something you want to say to me personally, or ask me about? Shoot me an email. Visit my profile (the link is also available on my blog page, on the sidebar) and email me! I want to hear from you.

Honestly, the more I get to know my readers / fans / customers as PEOPLE - the more interaction there is - the more likely I am to offer special discounts, etc. That might seem cheap, but it's the simple truth. Any friend who buys from me on Etsy gets a ridiculous friend discount. (There are a few who can vouch for that, haha...) So please, let's get acquainted! Get to know me! Ask me anything. Tell me anything. I can't wait to begin. :)

And again, to close up this post without it being a text-only post... A few photos of the beautiful and inspirational Anouk Aimée, a gorgeous French actress since around the 1950s - she's absolutely exquisite, a prototypical French beauty. To see more of her, I recommend Lola, Otto e Mezzo, or Un homme et une femme. Enjoy!


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