Wednesday, December 9, 2009 Y 10:24 PM

So, I promised a part two - and here it is. Why am I blogging, and what will I blog about?

Well, let's not be deceitful. The real reason I was initially inspired to blog was that I read, in an Etsy article, that sellers who blog get something like 55% more traffic to their site. I couldn't really turn my head on that one. I realized it was time for me to bite the bullet and get serious about a blog.

Honestly, Blogger intimidates me. I grew up on Livejournal, and I feel a bit lost on this site. Thankfully, I had some HTML experience from being a former MySpace nerd, and this came in handy with my layout. But I have a hard time figuring out how to read the posts I'm following, etc. I'm sure with time, it will get easier, I will get used to it, and it will be okay.

I have to admit, however, that I used to be a HUGE Livejournal user, I journaled online for ages. And I do miss having that creative outlet. So I really am hoping I can embrace this blog as a place to explore, expand, grow, and express myself. It's only too convenient that it can also be used as a promotional tool for the shop.

I hope I can get closer to my customers or potential customers or fellow Etsians, or WHOEVER reads this... I think a more personal relationship, an understanding of your peers, can only help your shop AND your style. So I really just hope to build connections here - to actually get to know some great people on a personal & professional level.

This will be a place where I explore my inspirations, both vintage and modern. This won't be limited to fashion or style, but will include music, art, movies, books, thoughts, memories, friends. I find inspiration in such a wide variety of places. I will share outfit ideas I like. I will most likely highlight some of my favorite Etsy shops. I will share bits of my life and experiences that will flesh out the skeleton of my store. I might do an occasional free giveaway or contest - I already did one at my Facebook and it went well. I will give tips on how to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe, or tips on whatever I think I have enough knowledge to give tips on. Honestly, I haven't mapped everything out yet - I'm going to let things happen naturally, with the confidence that it will end up okay.

Still to come - part three, What I would love from my readers. <3

And to keep this post from being text-only, here is the inspiration for my blog layout - or, more appropriately, the background image. This was an Elle layout featuring French actress Nora Arnezeder, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, styled by Christopher Niquet, and revolving around Chanel and French style. I am an admitted Francophile. With all the pink, and roses, and textured fabrics, these photos nearly make my mouth water. Enjoy!


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